Dionysus Media is a small Aarhus based network-driven company. We develop and produce art and entertainment storytelling, across different media and genres. We are both academics, artists and craftsmen and understand the many different processes in creating media communication and arts.

We are not a normal production company – in fact, producing and direct creating is only a small part of our every day. We are also consultants, developers, coordinators, directors, educators, designers and researchers across media. Too much? What makes us different is our network-based organization and our study and understanding of storytelling and communication. We use our own term “The Theatrical Media”, to define and understand a 2500 years journey in staged performative storytelling.

Through, dramaturgy, production methods, content, communication, the involved in creating, and last but not least, through purpose – performing arts, film and video games, together; the theatrical media, benefits from each other and stands on each others shoulders. Not as a linear development in media and art history, but as a dynamic exchange in a constant changing world of media. We love knowledge, and our goal and interest is to understand and use, as well as to communicate, the depth of storytelling, in the way that best apply to the need of a customer or a production.

As a network-driven company, Dionysus Media benefit on a broad knowledge in the theatrical media. This makes us able to constant observe and understand the fields of fiction film, documentary film, commercials, TV, theater and games. At Dionysus Media an “every day” can be a combination of producing a horror film, while also shooting commercials and writing a love story for animation. After lunch we might work on a transmedia game and comic, develop a  documentary, and contribute as consultants on a feature international production. Did we say that we love versatility?

Contact information:

Dionysus Media
Att. Stefan Pellegrini

Willemoesgade 56, 4. th
8200 Aarhus N, Denmark (DK)

Phone:       (+45) 20 47 30 67
Mail:       kontakt@dionysusmedia.dk
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